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When the new clothes and fashion arrives at SouthPark Mall in Windsor this week, there's something exciting to freshen up your wardrobe. Everything you need to create a new look for your summer, winter or even spring wardrobe can be purchased at the largest shopping center in St. Clair County. You can layer your options so that you get stylish options depending on the weather.

If you shop for a fashion resolution for the new year, you will find active trends that are active and in vogue, but you cannot live without them. Complete your everyday winter essentials with jeans, a T-shirt or even a jacket for the days when you don't need to get dressed.

Take a step in the right direction by adding some sparkle to your wintry ensemble with a pair of high-quality, high-quality shoes. Add some of the shoes you want, including high heels, sandals, loafers, slippers and even a pair of boots, and add a touch of color and shine.

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More About Strongsville